Desktop Gaming and VR in a Thin Laptop

So, first a quick unboxing here when you open it up, you get The laptop itself, the Ac adapter and some paperwork Aesthetically, it’s not too different from the gs60 from last year. It’S thinner and lighter, but the top surface is still aluminum.

The bottom panel is also aluminum, But it has this micro suede type material. The idea is that allows you to use the device on your lap Without a metal panel getting super hot. You can access the internals by removing some screws, But the only thing you can easily swap out is the two and a half inch hard drive. The Ram Slots and the M2 drive bay are upgradable, But they’re on the other side of the motherboard you’ll need to check best canada online casinos it a bit more to get access. The Chassis is a magnesium lithium alloy. The exterior paneling, though, is aluminum.

There’S a bit of flex on these panels and the same thing goes with the keyboard area, but for a laptop this thin at 17.7 millimeters, it’s pretty solid. The hinge also feels pretty well made with proper tension. The gs63 is packed with ports on the left. We have ethernet and sd slot 3 usb 3s and separate audio jacks on the right.

We have a uSb 2 Thunderbolt 3 and some display outputs. The power button is up near the front and I was actually worried. I would accidentally turn it on or off all the time, But it’s never happened not even once so I don’t think it’s an issue. The keyboard has steelseries lighting, They aren’t individually lit keys.

You adjust the lighting in Zones, It’s very configurable. There’S tons of colors to choose from the keyboard itself feels really nice. It has a 10 key number pad, so it has that leftward shift, but it has good key travel And it’s very nice to type on. Despite being such a thin chassis, the touchpad is less awesome. It’S a textured plastic surface. I don’t find the tracking to be as smooth as I’d like it to be, and the button clicks feel pretty shallow.

It is a Gaming laptop though so you’ll probably have a mouse connected, There’s a 4k panel option, but the display on this unit is a 1080p IPS panel. It’S a matte finish with good viewing Angles. Contrast and brightness color accuracy out of the box is good And it can be tuned with the included software.

There’S also no noticeable light bleed on the panel. They did a really good job this year, the 1080p webcam up top looks like this. The speakers are not located above the keyboard, despite the grill being there They’re, actually underneath the laptop.

They sound pretty standard for a laptop this thin they get loud, But they have pretty weak bass. The drive speeds are also pretty standard. It has a sata stick in the empty slot and a Sata hard drive, But you can upgrade both of them. The M2 slot can take a much faster, a pcie stick. Okay, let’s talk about gaming performance, It uses a skylake 6700 HQ chip and the new pascal based Geforce GTX 1060 chip in Moderately demanding games like overwatch, I’m comfortably hitting 95 frames per second on epic settings at 1080p, Something a little heavier like doom we’re looking at 75 frames per second on Ultra settings at 1080p.

I never saw it dip below 60 frames per second, once something even more demanding like fallout 4 on Ultra settings, I’m hovering around 60 frames per second, something like Gta 5 on ultra settings. We’Re looking at mid to high 40s You’ll need to lower the graphics to medium high to hit the 50-60 frames per second. The bottom line is this: if you want to play games at 1080p, the GTX 1060 is going to give you amazing performance. It’S going to run at High Frame rates with beautiful visuals virtual reality also Runs nicely on. This laptop pascal runs VR at three times the speed of the previous generation, so the GTX 1060 handles VR Comfortably.

I played around with VR fun house and subnautica. Both of them had a very smooth experience. It’S crazy that I’m getting this kind of performance on a laptop this thin, and this light Video edits are all so fast. This entire 4K video was edited and rendered on this laptop, and it’s actually the fastest laptop I’ve used to edit a video. It’S faster than 960 M 970 m faster than 980 m. This thing pushes a crazy performance.

The gs63 has three fans and five heat pipes fan noise on Idle, is quiet and even under load; it’s not crazy loud but thermally. It’S surprisingly well cooled and comfortable to use, because the micro, suede material and the location of the three fans keep the contact areas. Cool, if you want, you can use The MSI software to Crank the fans to Max and the temperatures will be lower.

It uses a 180 watt adapter to charge a 65 watt hour battery takes around two hours to charge up from empty and with regular use. I’M getting around three and a half-four Hours of battery life playing games. It’S closer to an hour. Ok recap of the MSI gs63 stealth pro It starts at around $ 1600 USD It’s an aluminum build with pretty good build quality. It has a bright 1080p screen with good color accuracy.

It has a great keyboard, but a not-So-great trackpad Inside the Skylake i7 ] and the GTX 1060 deliver amazing performance with comfortable temperatures and fan noise. The 16 GB of Ram and the two drives are upgradable, but only the two and a half inch drive is easy to access and then there’s a 65 watt hour battery. That gets you around three and a half hours of regular use.

So the MSI GS63 has a lot of good stuff going for it, its a surprisingly powerful laptop for its size, mostly because of the GTX 1060 pascal delivers such a big jump in performance from the previous generation. It’S kind of crazy You’re getting desktop gaming performance in a laptop never been done before, but it’s finally here, if you want more information about Pascal or about the GTX lineup check the link in the description below hope. You guys like this video thumbs.

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