Soap on wooden mold

How to line wooden soap molds

Hello everybody and welcome to Dobre Mylo, Handmade Soap Shop in Ukraine. My name is Alina Tytarenko and today I’m going to show you how I line my wooden soap molds. The first thing I recommend is that when you choose a slab mold, whether it’s wood or HDPE plastic or whatever the material is, just make sure that it is cold process soap safe.

I always like to buy or or you can make it yourself a soap mode that is 14 inches wide. The reason for this is, I’m going to show you, the freezer paper that I use is 24 inches wide which is perfect to line 14 inch wide soap molds. This is what I get, you buy a stand and then this is the 24 inches wide freezer paper! Tt’s very practical to have the stand as you can just roll the paper out, trim and cut it right on the stand.

It’s heavy! Buying such a big roll of freezer paper can be quite expensive but they will last you practically forever! Well not forever but my first roll lasted for a couple years and I’ve been on my second year with this one: if you’re a small scale hobbyist soapmaker you will have some freezer paper to line your soap molds for a long time so it’s a good return on investment!

Whatever the length of your soap mold as long as it’s 14 inches wide: those are inside measurements, I measure my freezer paper 10 inch longer than the length so if your mold is 16 inches long, then you’re going to cut at 26 inches. I’m gonna have to fold this paper to fit it into my wooden mold and I am going to trace with a marker just a little dot, or pen whatever, at FIVE INCHES from the side and I always like to do a couple ahead of time so I don’t need to do this process every time I make a batch of soap. I’m just going to fold on the dot and I need to be aligned if I want everything to be straight.

All right again take the ruler, take your marker and just trace another small dot at five inches from the other side and I fold again. Now I will repeat the process with all of my sheets and then I will show you how I line my mold. You should be folding the glossy side up because this is the side that will be in contact with the cold processed soap.

My mold opens like this, there are different types of mold, so I just swing open the door I place one of the folded papers that has been folded on two sides with the paper right in the corner and I will show you better…

Okay like this and then I make it fit and I fold again. Then I do the same thing for the excess. Fold it back in along the edge of the paper! It’s like doing origami I just lift up each corner and I place the other corner inside of the other one just like this and I pinch to form a triangle and you kind of have to pinch it very neatly so that it doesn’t make a bump into your soap.

I do the same for every corner: put both corners together or both folded lines and then pinch to form a triangle. And I fold very neatly! Now the fourth corner. Okay now once this is done, with some scissors I just cut the part that is above the soap mold like this and I fold the paper along the edges of the mold and voila!

The mold is ready to make soap in! Now removing the freezer paper, you will be able to see that the edges of the soap are all nice and neat! thank you so much for reading this post! I really hope it helped you figure how to line a slab mold and if it did, please leave me a comment below this post. You can also give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and also you can follow me on Social Media: all the links are below. Thank you very much, I will see you again very soon.