Korean 144Hz Gaming Monitor

So my buddy Dongsu Park over at Z-otak, He emails me every once in a while, but we’ve got more cheap Korean monitors. Just like that. Last time we sent to a cheap Korean monitor and a lot of the time I’m like. Ah, that doesn’t really look that Amazing, you guys not that impressed. Oh O ooooooooooh, Not this time, I have not been able to find Anything online that is comparable to the cheap Korean monitor deal that I have for you guys today Today. This is the crossover fast 144Hz 144.

It is a 2560 by 1440 IPS panel 144 hertz display *grunts*. Then I will get out of the box eventually for 299 US *Intro*, Okay, so first things. First, let’s have a look at what kind of goods we get for.

Our 299 U.S dollars, we get a lot of bubble, wrap, Wow. Okay, we get a remote, that’s weird! You get a power cable. We get a love this. Apparently it is easier cheaper for them to do this.

This way they just send you an Asian power cord, and then they send you an adapter so that you can Yeah adapt it to your North American plug, Not the most elegant solution ever but hey, it gets the job done. We also get a display port cable. We get a closer look at that Remote that I alluded to before got kind of like a little Winky like Napster guy on there, and then we get our own tool and screws. There presumably assemble this thing and Assemble. We shall this comes in more pieces than your typical Monitor stands.

I like the construction, though You hear that It’s a train, It’s the game train To the station. So the way you orient this bad boy is you kind of look at the Marks and the angles, and you kind of line the thing and then it kind of goes on a little. Something like that. Ten out of ten instructions, dick not stuck inside the monitor stand.

This feels like kind of a stupid thing to do, but I’m actually gon na set up the monitor in front of the 65 inch OLED TV from LG that I’ve got going on here. The reason being is that that’s really not actually that great for gaming, So it’s nice to have other options. First, we got to get the stand on here, though this also Well built. I will give them credit for that, but not especially Outstanding in terms of like height adjustment or anything, so you’re you’re, definitely giving up some for your $ 2.99, 144 Hertz freesync IPS display, and that is The robustness of the stand to their credit, though at least They’Ve got a vase amount that one really drives me crazy when you got a cheap stand and They didn’t build in the necessary internal reinforcements for a third-party mount. You guys want to see me strip on camera And, of course it doesn’t look perfect. I’Ve cranked that so tight, alright, So There it is pretty bare-bones, if you ask me, But Can it make up for it with the gaming experience To find out, we are gon na be using something really really special.

Now, I’m not a televangelist, So I’m not gon na give you guys the whole thing about planting a seed of a dollar and someday. It will return to you 10,000 X, But that is what happened today. So I first met Charles about ten years ago. How what’s the safest way to take this out of here, I won’t be able to pull it up. Can I try Whoa? That’S a heavy system Feels like yeah.

I was gon na say So. I first met Charles ten years ago on This was back when I was building high-end systems, or at least what I thought were high-end systems. We’Re about to see that redefined when I was building high-end systems back at NCIX, and I had noticed him originally because he had all these really expensive invoices like six thousand dollars like regular and I’m like dude.

What are you doing with all this stuff turns out? He was building some really special systems. Also in We have we, we shared We shared.

We had something in common right off the bat, our favorite case, the Silverstone T-J07 anyway, The first time I met him in person. He was in Desperate need of a really special set of fittings for a thermo chiller radiator, some British standard plug that was very uncommon even for water cooling crap ten years ago, and I actually didn’t want to get rid of them because they were, they were fairly Unusual they were Like even finding nickel-plated thermo chill fittings back Then was really tough. These were really nice ones.

They had ribs all the way down, So they sealed really nice, and I was like You know what Charles just for you. So Since then, He’s actually been. I mean not full-time that he’s been hard at work on what he calls the xform @ mb x2. This is a truly special case based on the original t jo7, and he brought this here for me – a Special system that he hand-built himself in this chassis, Absolutely one-of-a-kind and we’re gon na use this to power up our monitor. Okay. Here we go so some assembly required.

You guys see that Totally custom fan mounting all aluminum, but I’m not gon na, like bang it together. This is not a train. Okay.

This is this is a piece of art. We’Re gon na. Do a full showcase of this thing down the line for now We’re just going to be using it. Yes, I’m gon na draw your attention. Stop stop back to the monitor back to the monitor, so it’s got four HDMI ports. I didn’t talk about that before one DisplayPort, an audio passed through and a DC in Jack.

Let’S go ahead and Get this baby fired up. This is pretty cool, To put it mildly, Like I feel like an idiot having a blue Ethernet cable. Now Look at this now I have to fix everything Thanks Charles This is not a gift. This is an obligation. Look, I said, look at the monitor this video isn’t about that. We’Re gon na do a video about that later.

Stop Can’t tell Wow, okay, quick boot. Okay, I got ta say I’m glad it comes with the remote, though, Doesn’t come with batteries, so I’m gon na have to go find some, because this buttons on the back of the monitor thing, is basically unusable. I’M just trying to adjust the brightness color effect temperature Gamma ultra vivid. What is this Where’s just brightness?

Look at this hey you’re supposed to be looking at the monitor. Not the computer We’ve been through this Yeah. They lost it hella!

Okay! What is this? What is or mayshen set, apparently It’s what I need, because that’s where brightness is – and We are back. This is actually really impressive, Like this is right up there with Some of the lowest motion blur that I’ve seen on an IPS that and this this machine, and this monitor are match made in heaven.

This thing’s actually running it over a hundred frames per second at 2560 by 1440. So, if I lose it’s only because of me, There is uh no excuses for anything at this point like here. You can actually, maybe even see it a little bit here, Just how there’s no There’s no motion blur. There’S no streaking behind that. I am really impressed with this thing, especially for the price Like it won’t make me good at counter-strike. That’S for sure, but I’m still reloading.

I got two guns here. Come on: It’s not fair! You dead, Like this gaming experience has been available for a while, but now the difference is that it’s cheap, I’d like to be clear. Three hundred dollars is still a lot of money, But in the context of what we would have paid for this kind of an experience before It’s pretty affordable, the only comparable things I could find was a 144 Hertz 1440p $ 300 monitor on monoprice. But that was a TN panel and then for an IPS with those specs.

You were paying Quite a bit more So to be clear, Not everything about this thing is perfect. This menu can die in a fire, I’m just turning up the brightness a little bit, because this game is kind of kind of dark Yeah. That looks that let’s find out, But it’s got a lot going for it. I am super impressed for 300 bucks and Yeah.

You can check that out of the link in the video description while you’re at it, If you guys, are interested in learning a little bit more about this beast before we do. Our follow up video. The case itself is actually for sale on mod 1.

So we’ll have a link to that in the description as well.