Top 10 Wackiest Easter Eggs In Video Games!

As to the right there are two homes that contain some handy materials including five matches. And it is after gathering them up, they’d usually head back to the main square where an Axe can be wielded, and a bonfire rests just around the corner where this woman crying out for help, must be saved. – [Woman] Help! (Axe slashing) (blood gushes) – [Narrator] After she disappears, seek out the five hanging corpses nearby, and burn all of their bodies. (gunshot) It is after completing these steps, that you must return to the bonfire, where oddly this Easter egg will appear.

(Claire De Lune by Debussy plays) – [Marcelo] Don’t leave me behind! (fire crackling) (Pig snorts) (gunshots) – [Marcelo] There’s no time for fooling around. (rock music) (crowd cheering) – [Narrator] Next up, we’re taking a look at Tiger Woods 99, yeah! 99, yeah! The very same game in the early stages of the release, somehow managed to contain a hidden four holding as known as a copy of South Park’s episode featuring Jesus versus Santa.

Anyway, by taking to the practice vicinity, vent to the driving range. And instead of actually taking this seriously, why not aim for the range cart instead? – [Man On Intercom] Please do not aim at the range cart. (golf swing) – [Man On Intercom] I said, please do not aim your shot at the range cart. (golf swing) (explosion) – [Man On Intercom] I said, do not do this. – [Narrator] Remember that first time when you found out that you can shoot the moon in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, to increase or decrease the size of the moon to your liking?

Well, in Bethesdas 1995 first person shooter science fiction action adventure, the Terminator Future Shock. It is just after arming yourself that, you should also turn and face the moon and shoot upon it here too. But instead of it changing size, it’ll say this. And by continuing peckering it with bullets, it will eventually fall out of the sky.

(gunshots) In Barry McCabe’s 2015 survival horror The Bogeyman, young Thomas must survive night by night, hour by hour, as an unforgiving creature lurks in the darkness approaches him from all angles, and awaits to pounce on him at just the right moments. (monster screeches) And if you can survive all the way to Halloween, then you should grab the batteries from the kitchen, and quickly navigate the torch from the basement. We’ll be able to also learn a four digit combination that can be pumped into a special door upstairs, which is home to the Stone key.

And that can be utilized to activate a secret panel that rests, within the basement. (light switch on) (funky disco music) (monster singing) Sim Copter, yeah! The flight simulator that had us flying over the city’s, rescuing people, sorting out traffic jams, riots, and all sorts of other stuff has one of the most controversial Easter eggs in gaming.

You see, from time to time, when you completed a task apparently the developers decided to add in scantily dressed women, that paraded around. But to the dislike of one programmers Jack Servin, he decided to balance it out with an Easter egg involving a crowd of men. The thing is, it was only meant to come out on certain days, but due to a bug the secret would appear on many occasions, and the men would turn up in great numbers than they were ever suppose to. (men talking) I think we all know Hitman’s vast collection of Easter eggs are on the wacky side.

But my favorite lurks in Hitman Blood Money, during mission five, A New Life. So for a start, Agent 47 must evade the two FBI agents hiding out in the truck, with donuts. Grab one of their suits, then enter Vinny’s house where a bottle of lighter fluid is needed from the basement. Afterwards, head out into the garden, kill the pool boy dispose of his body in the shed, equip his clothes, and then grab the extra lighter fluid, and then await for Vinny’s wife to seduce you. Where upstairs she will fall asleep, a perfect opportunity to grab her necklace, and quickly run out to the barbecue to smash both bottles of lighter fluid upon it. And then we just await the madness.

(Vinny’s mom screaming) (water splashes) You know how we looked in on that giant pig earlier on? Well, in The Evil Within 2, there is a similar Easter egg awaiting us. It’s on the streets of Union there are three vehicles dozened about the map that each contain an enemy hidden underneath. And by slowly approaching them the creatures will come out. (man grunting) But whatever you do, do not let them see you, as this will cause all three to run to the back of a house to the north, where by sneaking up on them and killing each one, will reward you with this Easter egg. (stabbing) (blood gushing) (sad orchestral music) (gunshot) While in Brothers In Arms, Hell’s Highway amongst operation Market, you have to rendezvous with Nicholas in a nearby farmhouse.

Though as you approach it, you can discover five empty wine bottles. That if shot in this particular order, (gunshots) then if you head back up the hill to this bush and press E on PC, you will activate a small group of sheep, which can be used at your disposal, to kill any of the upcoming enemies. (march music plays) (sheep baa’s) – [Man] Squad regroup! – Attack them! (flashbang) (gunshots) – Glad I made it through another fight.

– [Narrator] Next up is The Summoner, volitions RPG from 2000 that made its way on to the PlayStation 2 , Mac, and even Windows. And yeah, volition of being known for their wacky Easter eggs in the past, and this one is no different. As by simply entering the credits and pressing X, or ESC, depending on the platform you were using, then this secret video will begin to play. – [DM] Galstaff, you have entered the door to the North. – [DM] You are now by yourself, standing in a dark room.

The pungent stench of mildew eminates from the wet dungeon walls. – Where are the Cheetos!? – They’re right next to you. – I cast a spell – Where’s the Mountain Dew!? – In the fridge! Duh!

– I wanna cast a spell! – Can I have a Mountain Dew!? – Yes you can have a Mountain Dew just go get it!

– [Galstaff] I can cast any of these right? On the list? – Yes any of the first level ones.

– I’m gonna get a soda anyone want one? – [Fridge Raider] Hey Grimm, I’m not in the room right? – What room? – I wanna cast Magic Missile – The room where he’s casting all these spells from. – He hasn’t cast anything yet!

– I am though, if you’d listen. I’m casting Magic Missile! – Why are you casting Magic Missile?

There’s nothing to attack here. – I’m attacking The Darkness! (all laughing) – Fine! Fine! You attack The Darkness.

There’s an elf in front of you. – Whoa! – That’s me, right?

– [DM] He’s wearing a brown tunic, and he has grey hair and blue eyes. – No I don’t, I have grey eyes. – Let me see that sheet. – Well, it says I have blue, but I decided I wanted grey eyes. – Whatever! Okay, you guys can talk to each other now if you want.

(silence) – Hello – Hello – I am Galstaff, Sorcerer of Light. – Then how come you had to cast Magic Missile? (laughs) – You guys are being attacked. – Do I see this happening? – NO!

You’re outside by the tavern! – Cool! I get drunk!

(sighs) – There are seven ogres surrounding you. – How can they surround us? I had Mordencaiden’s magical watchdog cast. – No, you didn’t! – I’m getting drunk!

Are there any girls there? – [Galstaff] I totally did! You asked me if I wanted any equipment before this adventure and I said no, but I need material components for all my spells so I cast Mordencaiden’s faithful watchdog. – But you never actually cast it.

– Roll the dice to see if I’m getting drunk! (sighs and rolls dice) – Yeah! You are – Are there any girls there? – Yeah! – I did though! I completely said when you asked me.

– No, you didn’t! You didn’t actually say that you were casting the spells so now there’s ogres, okay?! – Ogres?!

Man, I got an ogre-slaying knife! Its got a +9 against ogres – You’re not there! You’re getting drunk! – Okay but if there’s any girls there, – I want to jolt them! – [Man] 10 seconds, let’s go! – Good luck Marine!

– [Man] Watch your ass son! (dives into water) – [Narrator] In the mission Eye of The Storm in Crytex 2011 first person shooter Crysis 2, Alcatraz must infiltrate an island rescue Hargreave, and assassinate Commander Lockhart. Not long before any of that even takes place in just after exiting the water, you can discover a portaloo, and this funny Easter egg. (walking) (gunshots) – [Man] Hey it’s occupied! (gunshots) – [Man] Come on leave me alone! – [Guy On Intercom] Saffron 7 over Site 1 – [Man] Hey cut it out!

– [Man] It’s not gonna happen anytime faster! (kicks portaloo) – [Man] Ugh! You bastard! I’m gonna find you!

(piano dubstep music)